Twenty Twenty Four

In 2021, Luke Wygodny and I wrote a song from the perspective of the New Year receiving a visit from 'Love'. Each year we have updated the lyrics to reflect current challenges the facing of which would benefit from the influence of 'Love'.

'Twenty Twenty Four'

In quiet and with dignity,
Love made it's way to me in pain
Unnecessary pain
I'm 2024
Before me, at my door
Worse for wear, mocked and sore
'Why?', love said, 'Why is there war?'
Love met me broken, torn
Love felt compelled to warn
'Through me alone you're born,'
Love told me, broken, torn
I've gotta to hand it to this thing
This love that calls on me to sing
When, lately, all I've known is whispering
I've gotta hand it to this thing
If guns go silent for a day
Why can't it always be that way
Why can't we all, undone, unarmed
Ensure no mother's child is harmed
The future of the human race
Depends on us, the fears we face
We set aside our hurt our rage
To harness hope and turn the page
I stand before you, all ahead
I come as witness love's not dead
By your own love you must be led
To leave no prayer for peace unsaid
In tearful equanimity
Love made it's journey home to me
Love told me, 'Twenty Twenty Four,'
I will be quieted no more.'

From the upcoming album 'd.c. anderson - twenty twenty four' (release planned for spring 2024).
The single will be released on January 16, 2024.
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Happy New Year!!!

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