1. Time Was (2:37) Patty Larkin. Lamartine Music/Beautiful Daughter Music.
2. I'm Confessin' (2:28) A.J. Neiburg, Doc Dougherty, Ellis Reynolds. Bourne Co.
3. Blue Summer Day (2:05) Cheryl Wheeler. Penrod & Higgins/Amachrist Music.
4. I Leave in Doubt (3:01) lyrics: D.C. Anderson, music: D.C. & Lem Jay Ignacio. Davecamson Music.
5. Arrow (2:48) Cheryl Wheeler.
6. Is It Peace or Is It Prozac (2:25) Cheryl Wheeler, Jonathan Edwards, Bob Dawson.
7. I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire lyrics: Johnny Burke music: James V. Monaco Santly-Joy-Select, Inc. (1:14)
8. God Loves the Irish (2:01) Rob Carlson Robsongs.
9. They Say It's Wonderful (3:23) Irving Berlin. Irving Berlin Music/Williamson Music.
10. Get Out and Get Under the Moon (1:49) Chas. Tobias, William Jerome, Larry Shay. Music by Shay, Ched Music, Bourne Inc.
11. Flintstones (1:56) William Hanna, Joseph Barbera. Barbera-Hanna Music.
12. Winter Song (2:25) Harry Chapin. Story Songs Ltd./WB Music Corp.
13. I Never Said Goodbye to My Father (1:40) Alan Chapman. Completely Baked Music.
14. Humming Chorus (2:35) Giacomo Puccini.
15. Music To Operate By (3:57) Christine Lavin. Christine Lavin Music.
16. Please Let's Not Even Say Hello (2:14) Maury Yeston. Yeston Music. Ltd.
17. Beyond the Lights (2:53) Cheryl Wheeler.
18. After the Funeral (2:40) lyrics: D.C. Anderson, music by D.C. and Steven Landau.
19. Box of Visions (3:06) Tom Russell Frontera Music
20. Something Simple (3:11) (Mary Huckins) Wind Over Dakota