lyrics by david cameron (d.c.) anderson

1. The Bird and I (3:42) music: Stephen Randoy
2. I Don't Know My Way Around a Dream (3:58) music: Elizabeth Doyle
3. Chocolate is Fine (2:01) music: D.C. and Ricklen Nobis
4. Leave You Now (2:01) music: Carol Hall * Daniel Music Ltd. ASCAP
5. Can't Help But Hope (1:59) music: D.C. and Ricklen Nobis
6. It Will Always Be Me (2:20) D.C., Roy Zimmerman and Ricklen Nobis
7. Human Fondue (1:55) music: Elizabeth Doyle
8. I Can Do This (2:58) music: Steven Landau * Stevepno Music ASCAP
9. You're The Same (2:47) music: Stephen Randoy
10. Don't Know (1:56) music: D.C. and Rick Snyder
11. If You Touch Me (2:39) music: Roy Zimmerman * WaTunes BMI

I have said it before and I'll say it again: D.C. Anderson is one of cabaret's most eclectic of performers. Currently touring in The Phantom of Opera as Andre, he displays the prerequisite brassy Broadway voice when the need requires, but also possesses a subtle and supple voice that caresses the listener with its warmth and simplicity. While he is best known for his sly and wry way with a comic number, his latest CD, Ballad, displays a side of Anderson that has been on ever-increasing display. As the title implies, Ballad largely consists of songs that deal with love, be it found, lost, or sought after. The revelation of the album is that all the songs contain lyrics written by Anderson.

Even though this is a more serious album than his previous CDs, his sense of humor continues to percolate throughout, with a few of the cuts being full-fledged comic numbers ("Chocolate is Fine," which divulges clinical reasons why we love the stuff, and "Human Fondue," which gives a warning about using said substance in an erotic manner). Other highlights include "If You Touch Me" (music by Roy Zimmerman), a love song that is refreshing and effective in its simplicity, and the bittersweet "Leave You Now" (music by Carol Hall). — Jonathan Frank, Talkin' Broadway