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"Oh Lord. Please excuse me while I gush.

It is all so personal-how we relate and react to things around us. Thoughts. Sounds. Stimuli unending. Inside and out. So many distractions. Stop! This is about D.C. Anderson. But no. It is always the tree falling in the forest. And what then if the tree falls on you? How to find objectivity in that tangle of branches. Feeling for broken bones. Sure of a broken heart. Again. Thank you, again. Finally, again.

'Close Companions', in good part owing to the near perfect piano, bass, guitar and violin (plus additional vocals from some musicians), has the feeling of a song cycle thanks to the minor figures upon which the music and more so the lyrics, sometimes skate, with not so much figure-eights as much as gentle spirals. And ah, those lyrics--poetry, as they in the best of all possible worlds should be, and a light in the murk as in the worst world they must.

Whether his repeated wail at the end of 'Long Past Blue' written with Geoff Packard, or the entirety of 'What's Happened Since' written with Bryce Kulak, and on and on through this paean to human foibles set to truth, his flexible tremulous voice never betrays a meaning; rather like a sudden illustration next to a definition in a dictionary--his interpretation a picture of a word worth a thousand words."

Close Companions

D.C.'s latest CD CLOSE COMPANIONS includes collaborations with Geoff Packard ('Long Past Blue', 'First to Go', 'Going, Going, Gone'), Ritt Henn ('Miracle', 'One Last Surprise'), Robert Sprayberry ('The View from a Porch Swing'), Steven Landau ('This Crying'), Elizabeth Doyle ('I'm Right'), Bryce Kulak ('What's Happened Since'), Stephen Randoy ('God's Will') and Roy Zimmerman ('God Has Taken Care'). Also featured are two covers - Geoff Packard's 'Joe's OK' and Matty Powell's 'Hope'.

Review of CLOSE COMPANIONS by Kevin Scott Hall, Boston's EDGE

DC Anderson has been slowly building a reputation around the country as a singer and lyricist since his 1993 debut "Time Was." He can be broadly defined as a cabaret singer, easily finding a home in the folk and adult contemporary genres as well.

With his latest release, Close Companions, Andersonís eclectic output continues, whether with the jazz-inflected "Iím Right" (a humorous song about opposites attracting, kind of an update of "Letís Call the Whole Thing Off"), or the Sondheimesque "Whatís Happened Since."

Then thereís the story song "Godís Will," about a gay young man finding role models working for an older gay couple after being kicked out of his familyís home; and the hymn-like "Hope."

Anderson wears his heart on his sleeve and his warm, hearth-and-home vocals easily express comfort or longing. The discís title is rather misleading, as many of the songs are about the breakdown of relationships. Best of these is the gorgeous, piano-laden ballad "This Crying," where Anderson writes, "This crying is for after the fact/failure to act/a portrait, some dust and a shelf/We did all we could/We did all we should."

On "First to Go" (co-written with guitarist Geoff Packard), he sings, "I donít trust íin the moment,í canít think that fast I fear, you wonít listen without comment, this is how I get your ear..." Itís a potent response to a self-centered partner.

In fact, the handful of songs co-written with Packard are all strong, a harmony between lyricist and composer on the page as well as in voice, and perhaps the most commercially radio-ready.

Anderson closes the disc with "Miracle" (co-written with Ritt Henn), a touching song of gratitude: "You are my miracle so simple and smart/You cut through the doubt I have heaped on my heart/Along comes my breath again/Fast comes the tears/I know I have everything and have had for years/You are my miracle." What more can be said?

The production is clean and flawless, with expert musical accompaniment that enhances but never overshadows the spell Andersonís vocals cast.

"Close Companions" is highly recommended and a great companion for those long drives through winding country roads on a golden autumn day.

lyrics by david cameron (d.c.) anderson

1. joe's ok: Geoff Packard
2. from a porch swing: DCA, Robert Sprayberry
3. i'm right: DCA, Elizabeth Doyle
4. long past blue: DCA, Geoff Packard
5. god has taken care: DCA, Roy Zimmerman
6. one last surprise: DCA, Ritt Henn
7. first to go: DCA, Geoff Packard
8. god's will: DCA, Stephen Randoy
9. what's happened since: DCA, Bryce Kulak
10. going, going, gone: DCA, Geoff Packard
11. this crying: DCA, Steven Landau
12. hope: Matty Powell
13. miracle: DCA, Ritt Henn


D.C. Anderson, vocals
Deanna Witkowski, piano (3, 9, 12, 13), add'l vocals (12)
David Robison, piano (2,5,8,11)
Ritt Henn, all bass, add'l vocals (6, 12)
Geoff Packard, all guitar add'l vocals (1, 2, 4, 7, 12)
Suzy Perelman, violin