I Don't Know My Way Around a Dream
Lyrics by David Cameron Anderson, Davecamson Music ASCAP
Music by Elizabeth Doyle, ElizabethDoyleMusic ASCAP

Outside my window a fence of white brick
On one side an ivy grows tangled and thick
Ev'ry so often a squirrel rustles through
On it's way up the post to the lamp that's there too
A ways down the block someone's car just won't start
And, awake in my bedroom, I'm all beating heart
It's well after four and you're still on my mind
What to say? What to do?
I'm embarrassed to find:

I don't know my way around a dream
But I know I want you in it
I just don't know how to begin it
I don't know my way around a dream
I lie awake repeating
A most unforgettable meeting
What if I ask you along as intended
And you turn me down and leave me suspended?
You know what my heart's going through?
I'm afraid to go dreaming with you.

I don't know my way around a dream
I might ask you if you'd guide me
If I weren't so locked up inside me
I don't know my way around a dream
Romance is what I wish us
But fear I am far too ambitious
What if I tell you, you've never been bested
You tell me to go or you'll have me arrested
You know what my heart has to do
If I wish to go dreaming with you?

Send ev'ry doubt on a life-long vacation
If this isn't love, it's love closest relation
You know what my heart plans to do?
Get acquainted with dreamland and you!

Lyrics ©2003 D.C. Anderson. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws