How's Your Steak?
Lyrics by David Cameron Anderson, Davecamson Music ASCAP
Music by Jeff Rizzo

How's your steak
Oops I said it. I swore I never would
I'm not the least bit curious if the meat here's any good
But tonight I'm feelin' frisky, I'm a little hard to take
'cause tonight I feel compelled to smile and ask you,
How's your steak?

Where ya from?
This is scary and a trifle insincere
I'm really not this nosy but as long as you are here
I demand to know you're birthdate and the year you met that bum
'cause tonight I think I'll sing for you a song 'bout where you're from

Now I hope you all can see from where you're sittin'
And you've had a coupla drinks before the start
'cause I'm funnier when with alcohol you're smitten
Now let's see, who here knows where I left my heart?

What was that? It was a key change
My fingers almost snapped
I am really very sorry there is someone in here trapped
He knows all the words to 'Feelings' and he's slick as any snake
He's just lookin' for his cruise ship and he's rather hard to shake-

-in the blues away. Unhappy news aw-
Oh, this is unhappy news
Oh I don't, Well, I guess I do
know what's gotten into me...tonight tonight won't be just any Help I need somebody!
Help Not just anybody Help me find my way to San Jose -( spoken):rats!
I think that I oughtta stop now
And take a deep, deep breath
I had thought the monster 'neath my bed had died an earlier death
I've attempted to destroy him, discredited his worth
But where would we all be without his kind upon this earth

He's concerned about your dinner!
He's alerted to your needs!
He keeps Bobby's Van and Vinton straight and everyone who precedes!
He will move you with his Moonglow. His Moon River's out of sight!
He is good for the economy
But he's history tonight and day you are the one Singular sensation every little breeze seems to whisper Louise .....AAAARRRRGHHH!!!

Lyrics ©2003 D.C. Anderson. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws