Lyrics by David Cameron Anderson, Davecamson Music ASCAP
Music by Steven Landau, Stevepno Music ASCAP

I was a child who cherished Christmas
I am a man who does the same
And come the day after Thanksgiving
I'm a man only in name
I let me memory plan the season
And make of it the simplest of demands
To keep alive in me the spirit
That inspired the activity of hands

Hands dropping scissors, the cutting is through
Hands in the paint, in the glitter and glue
Hands making stencils of Santa Claus shape
Hands on the window with paper and tape
Hands in the mailbox to grasp stacks of cards
Hands rolling snow to make men in the yards
Hands on each end of a saw cutting trees
Hands back in mittens before they can freeze
Hands with a hammer and lights on long strings
Hands that are first to add color to things
Hands on the wheel on the way to the mall
Hands that have measured how wide and how tall
Hands on a register, hands giving change
Hands that have dug deep for gifts in our range
Hands cutting cookies for Santa's late snacks
Hands hiding presents from view behind backs
Hands that are pointing the way up the stairs
Hands that put clothing for church on our chairs
Hands on our buttons and hands tying shoes
Hands shushing children who squirm in the pews
Hands holding candles down front in a row
Hands shielding flickering flames all aglow
Hands leading voices that sing in the choir
Hands holding ears as those voices climb higher
Hands helping yawns as the last book is read
Hands on the toothbrush, we're ready for bed
Hands searching presents in absence of sight
Hands that wish day could come faster from night
Hands on the doorknob at 5:45
Hands joining feet back to bed still alive!
Hands tearing tissue, the tossing of bows
Hands holding tight to the person who chose
Hands that are tired by mid-afternoon
Hands with a fork and a knife and a spoon
Hands brought together when all has been done
Hands thanking God for the gift of his son
Hands thanking God for the gift of his son

Lyrics ©2003 D.C. Anderson. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws