God Bless Fern Davidson
Lyrics by David Cameron Anderson, Davecamson Music ASCAP
Music by David Cameron Anderson & Ritt Henn, Box of Stuff Music BMI

God bless Fern Davidson
I simply have to shout
She got my mother off her butt
She got my mother out!
The televisions cooling down
The TV tray is bare
The couch has not a thing to do without her tuckus there!

God Bless Fern Davidson
A miracle's occurred
Though Mother made excuses
Fern was undeterred
She gave my Mom a half an hour
To get her buns in gear
Mom made her move in record time
It only took a year

God bless Fern Davidson
My Mom is back on track
The clubhouse just a block away
Dad drives her there and back
But while she's there it's 1-2-3!
Well, maybe just 1-2!
But Fern got Mom to exercise
Which no one else could do!

It's really rather rude of me
To not give Mom a break
It's she who picks the Barbells up
It's she who shuns the cake
It's she who tells the TV (says to Oprah)
"I'll be back in half an hour!"
But it's Fern who works my Mother out
Then sends her to the shower!

God bless Fern Davidson
Her goals are all long range
Though full of piss and applesauce
At 86 and change
Though proud as heck of Mom I am
It's Fern who gave the shove
God bless Fern Davidson
God bless Fern Davidson
God bless Fern Davidson
A laborer - of love!

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