Buy Me Something
words by David Cameron Anderson
music by Elizabeth Doyle

You seem to like my company
You seem to like to talk
But when it comes to words of love
My darling, you're more squeak than squawk!
I know that you must care for me
How much is mine to guess!
To clarify, you might just try
A little, legal, tenderness!

Buy me something
Pillow talk - what's that?
Buy me something
Better get the matching hat!
When cupid strikes and you're struck dumb
Strike the conversation you shall overcome!

Buy me something
Whisper in my ear!
Buy me something
'Take the ring to the cashier!'
If mums the word and you're besot
Better put your money where your mouth is not!

Sweet nothings - simply not your style?
Your credit card can make me smile
Sweet somethings - clearly not your bent?
Let your checkbook represent!

And Buy me something
Cooing is for birds!
Buy me something
Use your wallet not your words
Your flea-bit cat can have your tongue
Take me to the counter where the pearls get strung!

Just three little words
Why stammer? Why stall?
Three little words that speak of your affection best, second best, of all
They are

Lyrics ©2007 D.C. Anderson. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws