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The June Letter

Finishing our run in Minneapolis – what a great time I have had here!! Friends from high school days converged and we went to dinner and to a cabaret performance by the cast of the SENSATIONAL musical CAROLINE OR CHANGE – now at the Guthrie Theater. First off – the new Guthrie is amazing – AMAZING! Such a testament to the citizens of Minneapolis that they raised the money to build this glorious facility as well as to the artists that make the Guthrie their home. Secondly, I loved both the cabaret by the cast and their Guthrie Theater performance of CAROLINE OR CHANGE! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.
While here in Minneapolis I have been putting the finishing touches on the new CD CLOSE COMPANIONS due to hit stores on October 13. 11 new original songs and 2 covers.

Politically, I don’t know what to say: California’s Proposition H8 !, The political party here in Minnesota who are keeping Senator elect Al Franken from being able to do his job …Those who are deliberately blocking the success of the current administration – obstructionists – people who lie for their own political gain.. makes me sick.

I got an email praising a kid from Ohio who wrote a new school prayer bemoaning the fact that he isn’t given school time to pray – calling on the carpet those who would separate church and state. The email’s target audience? – the same folks who booed Obama when he mentioned non-believers in his Inauguration Speech…. I wrote my own prayer and sent it along – in which I prayed that school could be school – readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic – and that if someone wants to pray at any time of day or night – he/she can go right ahead – just doesn’t make sense to make a group activity out of something that isn’t supported by the beliefs of everyone in the group – also hoping the class might discuss how dangerous pandering to the will of the majority/disenfranchising the minority can be to a nation such as ours… Don’t know if I made any new friends … but I sent it along anyway…

Loved the film UP. Love the new Vienna Teng CD! also Cheryl Wheeler’s new CD!!
Have a great month!!

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