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October 2009

Tonight’s the CD release concert at St. Louis’ Kranzberg Art Center’s Studio Theater! David Robison at the piano and Carol Schmidt on acoustic guitar are my musical partners!
Songs from CLOSE COMPANIONS – the new CD – get it at iTunes, Amazon.com and LMLMusic.com – as well as some favorites from past CD’s!
I hope you like the new website design. Pics by Brian Moore, design by Paul Rodriguez. We have some additional work to do on some of the pages but it’s almost done!
I continue to support our President. What does he want for us? Affordable ACCESSIBLE Health Care. Education for our children. Equal Rights for all citizens. Clean Air. Clean Water.
He recognizes that there is profit to be made by those who would deny us those things. I don’t think anyone sets out to deny health, education, equality and a healthy environment – BUT – the profit motive is strong – how often have I denied myself good nutrition because a 99 cent meal is available down the street – not taking into account that the 99 cent meal may fill me up but there is little nutritional value. President Obama knows this and is doing everything he can to inspire us to refuse to cater to the insensitivity of profit motive and he is also diplomatically proceeding with an awareness that there are a great many US citizens simply not smart enough to know what’s good for ’em. There, I said it! I truly believe that, as a species, we may not be intelligent enough to survive. I imagine a time, in the distant future, when a new species develops and they study us the way we study the dinosaurs – searching for clues as to why humans didn’t survive…here’s hoping they stumble upon youtube videos of those with obvious current need for attention to their health screaming at those who are there to help provide the very help they need….
I enjoy listening to MSNBC’s Keith O and Rachael Maddow – Keith’s commentary on health care was brilliant. A Republican friend of mine pooh poohed it – was not going to watch it – but thought it had to be garbage….This same guy thinks Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin are brilliant…. see what I mean about the survival thing???

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