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November 2009

Did you see the video of the news story about the 10 year old who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and won’t do so until there is, indeed, ‘liberty and justice for all’. His plan is to be a lawyer when he grows up – He got to thinking about the Pledge in light of the votes to deny civil rights to gay and lesbian citizens of the US and realized that ‘liberty and justice for all’ was not being respected by majorities in many states… I applaud him and am in awe of his patriotism and wish him every success!
His action reminded me of the film ‘Amazing Grace and Chuck’ – a Little League team decides not to play ball until nuclear weapons are no more – the press reports it and professional ball teams follow suit – all sports teams stop playing – the powers that be meet and decide to disarm…it’s a touching film..
The new CD is out there – I have not done much to support its release – I am very proud of it and friends who got one have said some nice things.
I am now working on a CD to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society featuring 20 singer/songwriters in the folk/americana/acoustic genres singing a song by a writer other than themselves as if ‘in my room’ with their instrument of choice. The recording has been done and mastering is happening as I write this – The CD will be released on Tuesday, March 23 2010 – not that far away!! I would like for as much of the money brought in by CD sales as possible go to the NMSS (www.nmss.org) so I’m currently raising money to pay for those things that have to be paid for – please email me at camsond@aol.com if you can help – five bucks would be celebrated!!. The singers donated their contribution, the designer, the Public Relations campaign, the recording engineers, the mastering engineer..all donated! But there are costs that can’t be avoided – postage to send media copies, printed material to publicise the CD, packaging to send media copies, royalty payments to the writers of the songs chosen, and the manufacturing cost (although the manufacturer is charging ‘at cost’ only – a huge discount)… Please help – email me and I’ll tell you where to send your contribution.
The holidays are upon us!! I love the holiday season!!
more soon! Have a good week!
xo D.C.

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