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May 2010

Hi –  I continue to travel the US with THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.  Currently, we’re in the Midwest where we’re doing great business and enjoying Spring!   I had a blast on vacation in New York City early this month – spent some time with friends and saw GREAT theater!  FELA  is amazing – saw it TWICE!!  RACE was wonderful as was A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE, NEXT TO NORMAL, BILLY ELLIOT, GOD OF CARNAGE … what a treat!!

My new CD is CLOSE COMPANIONS –  I was incredibly busy with IN MY ROOM (www.inmyroomontheweb.com) when it was released and am only now able to take the time to promote it as I should have a few months back!  I am incredibly proud of it.

I saw a frightening editorial by Michael Medved accusing the press of putting too much emphasis on Rand Paul’s equally-as-frightening statements regarding returning the right to discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious affiliation to establishments that are privately owned. Michael indicated that he thought problems arising from racism are nothing we, currently, should concern ourselves with… sadly unaware of the effects of racism, sexism, ageism, bigotry in this country. I, of course, wrote him and expressed my dismay, quoting Arthur Miller ‘We make laws in this country to make us better as a people than we know ourselves to be as individuals’ .  I love that quote and repeat it often.

have a great Spring!


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