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I give up

sad – feel as if my last shred of innocence regarding progress (health care, equality, care for the environment) is dead. politics, greed, fear, ignorance and just plain lack of the ability to see beyond the end of one’s nose overpowering compassion, empathy and intelligence – we can’t hold up the insurance industry (and keep politicians bank accounts full) and also cure the sick. we can’t continue to cave to head-in-the-sand religious zealouts (and it’s truly surprising how few of those ever RECOGNIZE themselves – seeing themselves as regular church goin’ folks) and have equality, we can’t cave to industries that would destroy our environment and also secure a future for this planet (so odd that those who would fight environmental protection the strongest would also claim to love their children so much that they’d do ANYTHING for them – how about spend some time/energy ensuring the SURVIVAL of the ground beneath their feet instead of negatively characterizing those with love and concern for the planet and putting off its’ rescue??) but here we are – protecting the insurance industry, being ever-so-careful not to step on the toes of those who tell us that ‘God’ is on their side, and the environment? drill baby drill. I can only hope I’ll get over this ‘I give up’ phase and get back in the game.

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