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September, 2014:

UPDATE to 2014

Hard to believe it has been three years since I have posted. I guess I can’t call this a blog unless I actually post….
I have a couple of Facebook pages – my actor/director page ‘DC Anderson’
and my photographer page ‘DCAndersonPhotography’ and then there’s my personal page ‘DavidCameronAnderson’…. keeps me busy. The personal page gets my political rants and my addiction to videos of moments that depict loving relationships among families and friends and their pets.
DC Anderson actor/director is for news of theater and film and TV work.
DCAndersonPhotography is for all things photography. I LOVE photography. I also have a website www.lookslikeyouphotography.com which I will be changing soon to DCAndersonPhotography.com or net or whatever hasn’t been taken.
I am a vegetarian now – watched the documentary SPECIESISM. Fascinating. Gave me the final push.
As an actor – STORYVILLE at the York Theater in NYC – directed by my good friend Bill Castellino.
THE FABULOUS LIPITONES at Goodspeed Musicals directed by Gordon Greeberg and at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater directed by John Markus.
more soon!!