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June, 2011:

Been a while

I apologize for the inactivity. Here’s an update:
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ended it’s touring engagement in Los Angeles, California on October 31, 2010. I’m back in New York City. Loving the city – friends, the theater, the park, the availability of independent films within blocks… I am also enjoying auditioning for work. Nothing to report yet…it’s either nature’s way of telling me that I should have some time off or it’s nature’s way of telling me I’m lousy and got lucky one day back in 1989 and had the good sense to ‘ride it’. All I know for sure is this – THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA was a delightful way to spend the greater part of 21 years!!. I had the same ‘bosses’ for almost long enough to get a gold watch!! I could never have imagined that when I dreamed the dream of the life of an actor. I could also never have imagined that everyone from Cameron Mackintosh to Hal Prince to Peter, and Kristen and Denny and David etc would be so wonderfully committed to a show and to all involved. A dream job. People would ask me ‘how do you keep it fresh’ or, in the case of a recent director for whom I auditioned, ‘It HAD to get boring, didn’t it??’ I responded to him honestly, ‘No. I have learned to enter the world of the play with the desire to ‘co-create’ with everyone whose work wound up on the page and everyone in the building in the telling of PHANTOM’s remarkable story. I learned how to do that and revel in it.